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There’s more to choosing the right lens than simply matching it to your prescription. Firstly you need to decide on the type of lens – will you go for single vision, varifocal or photochromic? And then there’s all sorts of coatings to choose from – will you prefer scratch resistant or anti-glare? It might sound baffling, but don’t worry – our instore experts are here to help you make the right choices.



Know Your Lenses

  • Single vision lenses are for either reading or distance.
  • Bifocal lenses combine reading and distance in one lens (with a visible line).
  • Varifocal lenses combine reading, intermediate and distance in one lens (with no visible line).
  • 30 Day Varifocal Guarantee.
  • Thin and light lenses make any prescription thinner and lighter for better comfort and appearance.
  • Photochromic lenses are like clear lenses and sunglasses in one, going darker outdoor and lightening indoors.
  • Polarised lenses eliminate the glare of sun on wet roads, water and snow and help prevent eye strain.


Know Your Coatings

  • Scratch resistant coatings are applied to the surface of the lens to protect against scratches.
  • Anti-glare coatings can help reduce glare and surface reflection for high definition vision.
  • 1 year anti-glare guarantee | 2 year anti-scratch guarantee.
  • Tint coatings in a choice of colours and intensity can be added to any lenses.

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